Pen & Ink (exercise)

I bought myself some technical drawing pens to try out drawing in ink.   I laid down some preliminary light strokes in graphite pencil at first being a bit unsure and scared of making a complete mess.   Ink is a little unforgiving and hard to rub out.   But HEY after a while I just ‘WENT FOR IT’.   Seriously good fun.   Empowering?   Settle down butter-cup…..settle down………    Raining today (drizzling).   Some good ABC Jazz playing through my ear plugs, several cups of coffee, toasted muffins with jam……what more can you ask for?   Seriously?

It all started when i seen this guy called Alphonso Dunn on a YouTube and I said to myself….. “Bart…you should have a go at that”….   Ordered his book and found it covered the basics very well.   (you could most probably get away with just watching his You Tube videos.)      I researched another gentleman by the name of Arthur L. Guptill who made a bit of a name for himself writing books on the subject back in the 1930’s.   I purchased his book also and it is…. Really Good.   “Rendering in Pen and Ink” 60th anniversary edition.

I need to take more time with this and study my strokes ….hatching and maintain consistency..etc.    But all in all I was pleased how these exercises came together….

pen and ink 11-6-17 001


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