More Doddles

manga-art-1-001 232017-riverlink-food-court-001Just playing around and practicing using the pencil and having fun.

Going to the food court at the local shopping complex is a good idea because there are so many people there you don’t get noticed.   (Air-conditioning  is a welcomed bonus in this 40 degree summer heat).   There are some very interesting characters out there.

I got a book out of the library on Manga Art and its origins.   I had never really paid it much attention before.   What a vibrant fascinating expressive art form.   I enjoyed playing with ink and some color with various  characters from the book.   I have to practice the movement using ink  better.   I might try some different ink nibs to get a nice flow/effect  on the paper.

3 thoughts on “More Doddles”

    1. Thank you…(spur of the moment…sketch….best kind)…..Yes…I will definitely play/learn with Manga some more. The book has got some great ideas/example on how to do eyes. I’d like to get better at doing eyes.

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