My Workspace

patio-studioI have lived in a small one bedroom unit for the past couple of years and it suits my needs well, but the big plus for me is the private covered enclosed patio area out the back.   (jack!)

During the day it has good natural light and I have installed  a bright daylight bulb so I can work there during the evening.   Great in the summer months.   I am a ‘night’ person by nature.   Soft mix of music coming from inside and life is good.   I can make a mess and leave my project out there until I am ready to continue.   …and another plus is that I can walk around in my undies (bonus points just for that alone)…… No one sees what I am working on until I am ready to show them   ………. ‘it’s a good sniper position.’

My Space.   I think it is a real bonus to have a work area where you are comfortable.   I have put down some cheap vinyl on the floor since this photo so as not to have paint mark the concrete.


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