Welcome to My First Post

I have yet to fully consider what I hope to achieve with this Blog.   I see it primarily as an avenue to post my art work and share some of my more interesting photos.   Hopefully a history of my artwork will show my improvements and record the mistakes I made along the way.

Today is the 1st January 2017 and it seems to be a good date to start afresh.   Happy New Year.

Up until now I have tinkered with Oil paints, Acrylic and lately Watercolor.   I enjoy sketching with graphite pencil and ink.   I have done some work with charcoal.   Water soluble color pencils are interesting to work with.   InkTense pencil are especially  a favorite of mine.   Love the vibrancy of color.   Faber Castell (Albrecht Durer) are my watercolor pencil of choice and I am slowly building up my palette of colors.    I am fortunate that I purchased a large set of Derwent watercolor pencils 15+ years ago to fall back on.

When I first stopped work four years ago I decided to do some online University courses with the idea of attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree.   I completed a number of photography courses with good results and decided to take some basic art courses.   I remember my first Art course was a complete disaster….(smile)   A university in Perth (WA) I remember….. they instructed me to buy a list of Oil paints (Artist quality….not the cheap stuff) ….which I did…not knowing that oil takes sometimes weeks/months to dry.   It was only a 3 month course.   Yeah …well that was a smart bunch of teachers….how do you send your artwork to them for grading.   Not a good start.    Luckily some of the other courses I undertook went a bit smoother allowing me to photograph my work in some cases.

I was hooked and started My journey.   I say it was MY journey because I now believe that it is truly a personal trip and what you gain along the way cannot be explained fully.    Different people have different rules and expectations which is all well and good as long as you don’t get too carried away with all what they say and loose your inner feelings and individuality of expression.   There are some real intellectual ‘Wankers’ in the art world who like to drop names like ‘Vincent van Gogh’ etc.. in there conversation.  And the one I really like is that American chap ‘Jackson Pollock’…. (I have not figured his work out yet.)   I am not ridiculing these artists but there is a lot more to Art than what these guys produced.   AND…. I AM NEVER GOING TO BE THE NEXT GREAT ARTIST OF MY TIME ALIVE OR DEAD.   And just because you produce something that is reasonable to look at….doesn’t mean you have to promote it and sell it.   The important thing is that you enjoyed creating it.


Your true muses are those that turn you on, interest you, excite you and motivate you to explore further.

Both true and false muses are generated in early childhood, and sorting them out can save a lot of trouble in later art and life.

Fact is, we’re often pretty true to ourselves until our teenage years.   That’s when derailment happens—jobs, obligations, family and social pressures, love interests.

“The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.”

I wrote this for myself 3 years ago and have it on my wall.   (I think it was something that Robert Genn wrote in his twice weekly free artist news letter.)



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