Watercolor Hollyhocks


I tried a watercolor painting (October 2016) for the first time and found it very different to normal painting…. but enjoyed the translucency of the medium which was ideal for the abstract flowers I wanted to paint.   I used  Windsor Newton artist quality sticks and experimented a bit before I started.   I was really pleased how it worked out and can see myself doing more with this medium.

NB:-   Using glad wrap pressed into wet mixtures and letting it dry was interesting with unpredictable results.   I like the semi abstract nature of the process.   My second attempt (now framed) did not photograph well for Web.   Photo Image lacked the intricate detail that was achieved.   Better just left on the wall.

2 thoughts on “Watercolor Hollyhocks”

  1. This one is my favorite of yours so far. I love flowers and the color blue and you’ve got both! Beautiful painting. Also, fantastic job for just starting out. I’m new to watercolor too but I’m still not very good.


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